The left side altar


It is consecrated in honour of John the Baptist and Saint Leonard.

The altar was created in about 1460. The painter Jakob Mülholzer signed the paintings in 1496.

Virgin Mary’s wedding is represented in the shrine on the left with richly gold-plated and delicate figures.


Ingenious theology ...

... is hidden in the wedding scene as an answer to the question how Jesus could have brothers and sisters: Joseph is shown as an elderly man who has already children when he gets married with Virgin Mary.



History of faith and church

In the centre shrine the birth of Christ is represented, on the right you see the Adoration by the three Wise Men.

The busts of the predella show a holy deacon on the left, John the Baptist in the middle and Saint Leonard on the right. The paintings of the predella show Mark the Evangelist on the left and Matthew the Evangelist on the right.

On the right side wing you see the presentation of Jesus in the temple.

Higher up in the altar you find Saint Sebastian between an archer and a crossbow shot.



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